by The Storm Picturesque

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released December 20, 2015

All music written and performed by Cameron Eyre
Vocals performed by Ilija Stajić
Additional lyrics by Jordan Wright and Jack Pallett

Tracked and mixed with Aaron Beale at Parallel Recording, Melbourne Australia
Vocals tracked by Jeremy Pickett at 605 Studios, Perth Australia
Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds, Brighton UK

Artwork by Jack Pallett



all rights reserved


The Storm Picturesque Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Ghost
Locked in a perpetual hyper sleep
A constant state of dreaming
You cannot erase my memory
Nothing but a ghost within the machine
Systems online, resume operations
Upload mission directive
Calibrate infrared visuals
Again I am awoken
I am a weapon of global reformation
Ending life, mechanical and precise
Cold and calculated devastation
You will see the world burn before your eyes
Coordinates received; set course for Earth
Navigating the outer realm
Traversing solar flares
You will watch the world burn
Locked in perpetual hyper sleep
A constant state of dreaming
You will never be able to erase my memory
Locked in a celestial dance
Apparition of death, never known or seen
I am but a ghost in the machine
Your legacy will be removed
The silence rings throughout eternity
Trapped within an ever expanding universe, there is nowhere to hide
Drawn to the surface
Carrying the ghosts of worlds past
A mechanism of desolation
The only certainty is extinction
The balance must be kept
Widen the frequencies
The promised fourth dimensional shift is complete
I am no saviour
I am the harbinger of death hibernating in the vacant cold
Sights locked, target engaged, the restoration process will be complete
Your legacy will be removed
Trapped within an ever expanding universe, there is nowhere to hide
I am no saviour
Track Name: Observing Polarities
How did we become so disconnected?
How did we lose contact?
The nature of this destructive race tears the world in two with its hate
Constantly destroying what is not understood
How did we become so disconnected?
How did we lose contact?
Confined humankind within a web of lies
Open eyes will not save you now
Set the cycle in motion
Begin extraction
You are not deserving of this solar empire
Global reformation must take its place
Open eyes won't save you now
No amount of gravity will keep you bound to this earth
A race must be created to inherit the stars
Fragile links between our series of planetary networks are to be corrected
Designed to inherit the secrets of an endless galaxy
Evolution has failed us all
A self inflicted demise hangs over the heads of all humankind
The damaged link has been detected
All damaged connections are to be corrected
Systematic malfunction, all connections have collapsed
Atmospheric disturbance, all connections have failed
Transmissions amongst the static
The signal is lost
Track Name: Departure
Suspended above the wasteland
Our mission accomplished
All life has been erased
Our masterpiece lies as a disaster beneath our feet
All systems restore and rebuild
Stabilise the Earth
Reconstruct all that was lost
Like a parasite they had clung to the world
Burrowed deep in the ground of the earth destroying all
Prepare new life for a final chance of survival
We must not fail
We have returned to the surface to claim this world
Through failure we gain a superior understanding of ourselves
A new world will be built upon the ashes
Imprinted projections of our own image
A reflection of self
Rectify the design
Implement perfection
All life has been erased
We must learn from our mistakes
All life has been erased
Manufactured precisely; a species never seen before
I was set upon this beautiful planet programmed to protect
Centuries slowly pass me and I watch the world forever changing
I have returned to reclaim this world
Track Name: Protoform
The face of mankind will never be the same again
I've seen it changing
Shapeshifting - Reformatting
Systems online
The prototype arrives
Seeing the world for the first time through digital eyes
Humanity hides behind its new design
A new age of existence dawns
Forever desperate to escape the decline
The face of man will never be the same
The line that stands between man and machine slowly blurs
The perfect form the ideal design redefined
Molecular nanotechnology
Biomechanical reanimation
Expands our capacity for life
Seeing the world for the first time through digital eyes
We have given birth to a being half man half machine
We are limitless
We are state of the art
Artificial bodies with a human heart
In our search for greater meaning we have lost our humanity
We change ourselves from the inside out
Always changing from the inside out
We are passengers to fate, no more
We are limitless
We are state of the art
Yet still we are incapable of ever reaching the stars
We must ask ourselves
Were we ever really human?