Observing Polarities

from by The Storm Picturesque



How did we become so disconnected?
How did we lose contact?
The nature of this destructive race tears the world in two with its hate
Constantly destroying what is not understood
How did we become so disconnected?
How did we lose contact?
Confined humankind within a web of lies
Open eyes will not save you now
Set the cycle in motion
Begin extraction
You are not deserving of this solar empire
Global reformation must take its place
Open eyes won't save you now
No amount of gravity will keep you bound to this earth
A race must be created to inherit the stars
Fragile links between our series of planetary networks are to be corrected
Designed to inherit the secrets of an endless galaxy
Evolution has failed us all
A self inflicted demise hangs over the heads of all humankind
The damaged link has been detected
All damaged connections are to be corrected
Systematic malfunction, all connections have collapsed
Atmospheric disturbance, all connections have failed
Transmissions amongst the static
The signal is lost


from Revisited, released December 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Storm Picturesque Newcastle, Australia

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