from by The Storm Picturesque



Suspended above the wasteland
Our mission accomplished
All life has been erased
Our masterpiece lies as a disaster beneath our feet
All systems restore and rebuild
Stabilise the Earth
Reconstruct all that was lost
Like a parasite they had clung to the world
Burrowed deep in the ground of the earth destroying all
Prepare new life for a final chance of survival
We must not fail
We have returned to the surface to claim this world
Through failure we gain a superior understanding of ourselves
A new world will be built upon the ashes
Imprinted projections of our own image
A reflection of self
Rectify the design
Implement perfection
All life has been erased
We must learn from our mistakes
All life has been erased
Manufactured precisely; a species never seen before
I was set upon this beautiful planet programmed to protect
Centuries slowly pass me and I watch the world forever changing
I have returned to reclaim this world


from Revisited, released December 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Storm Picturesque Newcastle, Australia

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